Here there is a list of things to do before I come back (if you think you can help me to achieve anything in here, or you want to do it together,  shoot me a message 😃):


– Learn a new dance.
– Learn a martial art.
– Play a new musical instrument.
– Write a book.
– Do yoga.
– Run a popular race.
– Working in the 5 continents.
– Pack my backpack and set off for a random location with no itinerary. Ask at the airport for the first flight available.
– Start a new social business.
– Try a profession in a different field.


– Do volunteer work.
– Learn a new language.
– Take up a new sport.
– Surf, surf, surf…
– Climb a mountain.
– Sleeping in a tent.
– Do hitchhiking.
– Go parachuting.